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Tuna Diet: What Is It, How It Works And Reviews

by Altaf
Tuna Diet: What Is It, How It Works And Reviews

Are you looking for a diet to lose weight? Here we have Tuna Diet. In today’s world, most people follow diet regimens for being healthy. One of the best diets is this diet which was invented by well-known bodybuilder Dave Draper. It is a very simple diet as the name describes you have to consume Tuna. You can consume the only Tuna or with other products in this diet. You must be thinking is tuna good for diet?  So today we will completely tell you about this diet, What is it, How does it works and all your queries regarding it.

What Is Tuna Diet?

tuna fish diet

A tuna diet is a diet of a low amount of calories and carbohydrates. This diet is high in protein. It is the diet that can be followed in a short term plan. In this diet basically, you have to eat tuna and drink water for 3 days. The diet can be modified just by having some extra products on it. You have to follow the diet by adding products that are rich in proteins but with low amount of calories. In this diet, most of the fats, sugars, and carbohydrates are restricted. This is done for achieving a Lean Body. So let’s check it further how you can manage this diet? And working of tuna only diet with water.

How Tuna Diet Works?

is tuna good for diet

Here it is, how this diet works for you. In this diet, as we said we only have to consume only tuna and water for about 3 days. So as this diet has low calories diet in which we restrict carbohydrates. This carbohydrate plays a very important role in body weight. Carbohydrates help us retaining water in the body. And most of the bodyweight is due to water. If we restrict the amounts of carbs we are able to lose weight. This 3-day working diet plan will be so helpful for you. So let’s go some further and know about each detail of the diet. You will come to know about the results of the tuna diet before and after.

Tuna Diet Plan

3 day tuna diet

You must be eager to know about this diet plan right for you we have everything. In the diet, you will be eating plain tuna in the proportion which should have 1.5 grams of protein/kg of body weight every day. And drinking water about 2 to 2.5 liters in a day.

In this diet, you can also add products like fruits, vegetables, lower-fat dairy products. But keep in mind the number of carbs in the diet should be very minimum. So to make it easy for you we have some of the easy and convenient diets which you can follow.

3 Day Tuna Diet Meal Plan

To follow the Meal Plan you can have two meal plans. It is six meals a day routine. According to your choices, you can follow the diet.

As the diet is of 3 days hence it will be easy to follow. You can follow the below diet meal plans. So the below plans are made for 3 days. In this, you will come to know about what you should have in the breakfast, lunch, and dinner or simply you can say a six meals plan for a day and where you can make simple tuna diet recipes.

Let’s check the day-wise Meal Plan/Tuna diet meals.


Here is Day 1 diet plan you can follow accordingly.

Meals Nos.Food Items
Meal 1Overnight soaked fenugreek seeds 1 with a cup of warm water and honey.
Meal 2Only Egg whites scrambled with apple and 1 cup soy milk
Meal 3Green tea
Meal 4Tuna with the salad of Spinach, tomatoes adding drops of olive oil some black pepper powder, and lemon juice.
Meal 5Orange juice
Meal 6Baked tuna with some vegetables
Meal 7Contents
  • This diet plan has low calories and high proteins.
  • To boost metabolism and eliminating toxins out of the body is done by the warm water and fenugreek seeds.
  • Egg whites and soy milk are rich in protein.
  • In lunch and dinner have a tuna with salad. Tuna is a great source of lean protein.
  • The vegetables are containing a rich amount of fibers adding tuna with it can make a tuna salad diet.
  • Having green tea or passion fruit for evening snacks will keep your hunger pangs at bay.
  • Green tea has many antioxidants in it.


Here is Day 1 diet plan you can follow accordingly.

Meals Nos.Food Items
Meal 11 cup warm water with honey and lime juice
Meal 2Watermelon juice with Sandwich of spinach and egg whites
Meal 3Green tea
Meal 4Tuna and Leaves of Lettuce and 1 cup low-fat buttermilk
Meal 5Herbal tea
Meal 6Baked tuna with green leafy vegetables and warm low fats milk
  • Lime juice helps in starting your metabolism from the start of the day.
  • Eggs are high in proteins, Spinach provides fibers and complex carbohydrates.
  • Green tea contains natural antioxidants.
  • Lettuce leaves with tuna and buttermilk will keep you boosted in the afternoon.
  • Having tuna and vegetables in dinner will help you repairing and rebuilding the muscle fibers.
  • Drinking warm milk at night will help you sleep better.


Here is Day 3 diet plan you can follow accordingly.

Meals Nos.Food Items
Meal 11 cup of warm water with adding 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
Meal 2Tofu and 1 cup carrot juice with 2 almonds
Meal 3Herbal tea
Meal 4Tuna and salad of Spinach and egg whites with low-fat yoghurt
Meal 5Green tea
Meal 6Roasted tuna and warm low-fat milk.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps in losing weight. In studies, it was found that vinegar intake reduces body weight, fat, and triglyceride levels in overweight people without any adverse effects.
  • Carrot juice has complex carbohydrates and dietary fibers.
  • Almonds are healthy sources of fats and help in weight loss if taken in controlled portions.
  • Coconut water keeps you hydrated as it has a great source of natural electrolytes.
  • Tuna steak is a rich source of protein. Milk is good for getting good sleep.

Tuna Menu

tuna and egg diet

All Tuna diet menu is not limited to tuna only you can have the following foods in your diet. You can substitute them according to your choice. The following foods are low in fats, carbs, and high in proteins. So having them complimentary with tuna will give satisfaction to your taste buds. It will not be a boring diet when you get choices to eat.

  • Black coffee or tea with low sugar
  • Regular saltine crackers
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Tuna and Apple diet
  • Grapefruit or juice
  • Banana
  • Tuna and Egg diet
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Pineapple and tuna diet
  • Watermelon
  • Plain tuna and water diet
  • Lean meat or chicken
  • Green beans
  • Broccolli
  • Cabbage
  • Cottage Cheese, etc.

Foods to Eat In Tuna Diet

pineapple and tuna diet

Foods to eat in the tuna diet for 3 days diet plan are as given below:

  • Canned tuna in water or tuna steak provides Protein
  • Water to be consumed about 2 liters per day
  • After the start of the basic diet you can eat the following foods in your diet.
  • Green leafy vegetables, green beans, and steamed vegetables that contain no starch.
  • Fruits such as apples, berries, pears, and melons and their juices.
  • Low-fat dairy products like cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, and yogurt or buttermilk
  • Foods with high protein like plain chicken or lean meat can be eaten in chicken and tuna diet.

Foods to Avoid In Tuna Diet

tuna diet before and after

Here are the foods to avoid in the tuna diet. There are many banned foods. This diet is so restrictive diet.

  • Carbs and starchy foods like foodgrains, rice, wheat, quinoa, millet, potatoes, corn.
  • Meat to be avoided of Beef, lamb, pork as they have high fats in them.
  • Some of the Legumes like pinto beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans.
  • Higher fat-containing dairy products should be avoided like whole milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, etc.
  • Sugar containing beverages like soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, etc should be avoided in the tuna diet

Pros And Cons Of Tuna Diet

You must be thinking of are there any pros and cons of the tuna diet. Is the tuna diet good for health?


  • Body weight is reduced due to loss in water weight.
  • Diet has a high protein
  • In a short duration you see the results.
  • Time of the diet is only 3 days


  • It is a very restrictive diet.
  • The choice of other foods should be done strictly.
  • People mostly feel hungry and weaker in this diet.
  • The results after achieved in a short time, but if you go back to regular eating the results are also gone.
  • The person may increase weight back rapidly.
  • Most of the people may not lose weight more than 5 kg. It may vary from person to person.

Tuna Diet Results

The diet results in loss of the water weight from actual body weight. The physical appearance of the person looks thin and slim. This is seen as a result of being a diet for 3 days. The bloatedness of the body is reduced. These results will make you feel amazed.

It becomes more interesting when you return back on a regular diet. The body looks well-toned and refreshed when a regular healthy diet is started back. This happens only due to the results of the 3-day tuna diet as it creates the requirement of the carbs and fats to the body.

Tuna Diet Reviews

Is it healthy to eat the only tuna? Is tuna good for weight loss?

Tuna is healthy due to the high amount of protein. But having the only tuna is a diet popular for weight loss. For balancing the diet it should be consumed with vegetables and products which balance the diet. Eating tuna every day to lose weight but in an adequate quantity can be healthy.

This diet promotes weight loss rapidly when there are nutrients deficiencies. Also, mercury poisoning occurs. Also, we make severe restriction calories which can affect health. This may be seen as disadvantages of the diet.

Even though diet is done for avoiding or preventing bad diet and helping in weight loss. But this diet is said to be a crash diet and there is no support for it by research. Also being on a tuna diet for a month or 30-day tuna diet or tuna diet for a week or two weeks tuna diet plan which works may result out in something adverse.

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Can you lose weight by eating tuna?

Tuna is a lean fish high in protein. Yes, you can lose weight by eating a tuna fish diet.

Are tuna and rice good for weight loss?

Tuna and Rice with vegetables is a very commonly used diet as easy and fast to make. This contains high proteins and fiber with a low amount of fats so good for weight loss.

Is eating canned tuna good for you?

Canned tuna has a rich source of protein. It is easily available. Hence eating canned tuna is good.

What can you eat with canned tuna?

It is not restricted when you are not on a tuna diet, you can eat things with canned tuna like

various pasta with tuna, tuna with salads, tuna with vegetables, tuna, and rice diet.

Can I eat tuna on keto diet?

Tuna is the fish with very low carbohydrates so it makes perfect eating tuna to lose weight in a keto diet.

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In the tuna diet weight loss happens rapidly in a very short time. Not followed for a long duration.

The metabolism rate is affected and gets slower. The loss of weight along with mass is seen. Physical appearance gets changed from fat to slim and thin.

There can be seen side effects like mercury poisoning when consuming too much tuna and for more time. To avoid such unwanted effects follow only the mentioned diet for best results.

For keeping the results for a long time best way is to follow the planned healthy diet further after the tuna diet is completed.

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